I'm new to Statamic, and I've reached my first major hurdle: creating multiple navigation menus (main, utility, footer, etc.). I've seen others posts about this in various places, but the suggested solutions seem a little hacky and/or overly complicated. I'm not saying WordPress is great, but they do get this one thing right, and that's allowing you to easily create multiple menus from your pages via the control panel/admin. Statamic isn't alone in this limitation, Craft CMS is the same, also with a similar "nav" tag.

So, I've resigned myself to the fact that this feature isn't available for some reason, and decided to try to filter out unwanted pages using the nav tag. I created a global, "globals__main_nav", that contains a collection of related pages I'd like to be contained my nav menu. I would think that the following would work, but alas, nothing is returned/displayed at all:

{{ nav from="/" max_depth="2" id:contains="{ globals__main_nav:pages }" }}
        <a href="{{ url }}">{{ title }}</a>
{{ /nav }}

So with this I'm trying to just include the pages with an id that exists in the array of page ids included in globals__main_nav.

Here is the dump of globals__main_nav:pages:

array:5 [▼
  0 => "8f672dda-aa1c-4ebc-b545-0794c2da2e32"
  1 => "890e569f-cfd6-4f93-9004-ec666799d11e"
  2 => "b9543087-db44-4ad1-af71-0cf3773e7968"
  3 => "0a0bd12b-5e59-43ee-b004-5c69c51e0e97"
  4 => "de627bca-7595-429e-9b41-ad58703916d7"

Does anyone have any idea where I'm going wrong with the above code?