I'm new to this and recently bought a license. Just love it!

Anyhow, I'm still learning and having some trouble with templating.

I have my fieldset created the collection of items is good. I have a new theme setup.

When display the template though, I can't quite figure out how to get data outputted the best way.

Let's assume my fieldset has a field called "size" with the label "Size" and only one of my entries have this data set. The rest are empty.

Am I supposed to be able to output that data, with the label some magical way?

I know I can use {{ size }}, but from what I understand I should be able to output both label and value if it's set? And if it's not set, it wouldn't be shown.

I've tried using {{ section_name }} (section_name = the name/code of my section) but that doesn't render any content at all :-)

Anyone who can guide me in the right direction?

Thanks alot!