Hello all!

We just deployed in production our second Statamic site, but our first one with actual users that will need to log into the Control Panel!

When we tried the "Reset Password" capability from the CP login page, we noticed two things: 1. The "email" field doesn't do any verification by default. I can type in "potato" and it will still submit. 2. The password reset email is never sent, though the UI says it was.

The first one isn't really an issue, just something I thought I'd flag. The second one though is somewhat problematic.

We have the solution deployed to a Linux-based Azure App Service using the default built-in images (not custom containers), so we don't have full control over the underlying configuration, as the running container doesn't migrate configuration changes between deployments/restarts, only code/content.

I searched the Statamic documentation, and all I found was documentation saying it should technically work out-of-the-box for most users....guess we're not most users hehe

Anyone experienced with this setup/issues could help us out ?

Thanks in advance!