The thing I want is to register frontend controller routes from an addon (sounds pretty basic to me) but I cant get it to work.

This questions is exactly the same as: But the solution didn't work.

The reason why I want to make an addon is because we already have a existing laravel application running on Laravel with a lot of custom controller pages and we wan't to move these into aSstatamic driven site.

So.. I've created a addon named "Core"

This addon has a routes.yaml file:

  /test: [email protected]

This route is working: http://site.test/admin/addons/core/test

But this route should be working http://zonneplan.test/test

As @Erin Dalzell mentions, this should just work but it doesn't. (and i already retried creating the addon and clearing all the caches). How can i get my frontend controllers working from an addon?

Thanks in advance!

Answered by Erin Dalzell! Go to answer.