I'm trying to customize the rest password email template to show their name and username.

I created the following:

Reset your password
You may reset your password by visiting {{ reset_url }} in your browser.


<h1>Set your password</h1>
<p>Hi {{ first_name }},</p>
<p>Your new username is <strong>{{ username }}</strong>.</p>
<p>You may reset your password by visiting the <a href="{{ reset_url }}">password reset page</a>.</p>
<p>After resetting your password, login to your account at <a href="https://www.iatselocal634.com/login">https://www.iatselocal634.com/login</a> with the username and password you set.</p>

However, the first_name and username don't appear, when I "Send Activation Email" from the CP.