So just checking out statamic for the first time, and obviously, huge congrats on the framework :) I'll be here searching for answers to questions and probably asking a bunch of my own.

The first of which is - the replicator front matter format seems rather fragile.

All fields being equal, I can see why they might be stored as a YAML list, but given that body copy is likely the main candidate for a page, is there not a reason that the raw files are not stored in a more human-friendly format?

For example:

    field: image1
    type: image
    photo: /assets/img/desert.jpg
    caption: "My buddy's Range Rover"
    size: Oversized
    field: image2
    type: image
    photo: /assets/img/dangle.jpg
    caption: My footsies
    size: Normal
    field: quote
    type: quote
    quote: You are destined for grape things.
    cite: Smelly Medicine Man
Until now I never told anybody what I did last summer. There was this one person who said they knew what I did, but they were way off base.

It all started with the Land Rover I borrowed from a friend. I had no plan. No plan at all. I just started driving and eventually found myself in the desert. There I met this gnarled old medicine man who told me I was destined for great things. He smelled funny. And then he disappeared.

{{ field: image1 }}

Later that day I climbed this cliff face for a shot of the sunset and got stuck up there overnight. The medicine man appeared again, smelling even funnier than before. He told me I was destined for grape things. I was confused. And then he disappeared. Grape things?

{{ field: image2 }}

{{ field: quote }}

I woke to a hot air balloon over my head. They swooped down and asked if I wanted a lift. When presented with adventure, you just say yes. That's my motto. And up I went. I don't remember anything else.

It just seems that something like this would make for a better raw editing experience, rather than having to wrangle markup in fiddly YAML lists.

Technically, I don't see that it would be that difficult to transform the markup to the admin editor's components and vice versa (I'm guessing behind the scenes it would still be 3 separate markdown editors).