I'm having trouble getting a simple list of all the terms in a couple different contexts.

1) Listing all Terms in a Taxonomy

The first is listing all terms for a given taxonomy. According to the templating documentation, it should be pretty straightforward, very similar to looping through entries in a collection. This, for instance, should output a list of all of the terms I have for the wiki-tags taxonomy:

{{ taxonomy:wiki-tags }}
  <li><a href="{{ url }}">{{ title }}</a></li>
{{ /taxonomy:wiki-tags }}

I don't get any output at all, however. I can see all the terms in the CP, so I know they're set up correctly.

2) Listing all Terms for an Entry

The second (maybe related) issue is attempting to fetch terms for a given entry in a collection. According to these docs, I should be able to fetch the taxonomy in the entry template like so:

{{ wiki_tags }}
  {{ title }}, {{ url }}, {{ slug }}, etc
{{ /wiki_tags }}

given that the entry has some field data saved like so:

  - wiki-tags/person
  - wiki-tags/business

I'm not getting any output from that, either. I did notice that I was able to get some term data if I used the _raw suffix:

{{ wiki_tags_raw }}
  {{ value }}
{{ /wiki_tags_raw }}

which outputs the string saved in the entry file (wiki-tags/person, for instance), which means I don't have access to its URL, title, etc.).

I'm assuming I'm missing something pretty obvious here, but I'm not sure how to debug since there aren't any errors. Help me I'm a baby!