Getting 500 errors on glide calls

Trying out Statamic on a Windows Server 2019 VM under Hyper-V. Running IIS, URL Rewrite, PHP 7.2.11 64 bit under FastCGI, all installed manually. Everything is working perfectly except for glide tags. Each call is returning a 500 error in the logs, and nothing in the php_error log or server event log. Glide is configured to use GD, so I created a separate PHP GD test script to verify it's working properly. I can see in the logs that the hashed URL to the modified image is being generated correctly, but there's nothing being written in the /img/asset directory. I verified that the /img/asset directory is writable by the application pool. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Really looking forward to migrating all of my sites to Statamic!

Answered by Terry Greenlaw!
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