Trying out Statamic on a Windows Server 2019 VM under Hyper-V. Running IIS, URL Rewrite, PHP 7.2.11 64 bit under FastCGI, all installed manually. Everything is working perfectly except for glide tags. Each call is returning a 500 error in the logs, and nothing in the php_error log or server event log. Glide is configured to use GD, so I created a separate PHP GD test script to verify it's working properly. I can see in the logs that the hashed URL to the modified image is being generated correctly, but there's nothing being written in the /img/asset directory. I verified that the /img/asset directory is writable by the application pool. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Really looking forward to migrating all of my sites to Statamic!

Answered by Terry Greenlaw! Go to answer.