Fieldset / render issue CP when updating Statamic to 2.11.0

Hi folks. After a period of absence I'm back in Statamic Land. And I need to upgrade, of course :)

After upgrading from 2.10.7 to 2.11.0 or later there is an issue with showing the fieldsets in the CP when editing Pages or Collection Entries. It seems to hang on loading the assets and all the bard types are collapsed. The locale and live preview buttons are gone as well. The content on the frontend of the site however shows correct. On 2.10.7 all is dandy.

Here are two screenshots for comparison: Edit Page on Statamic 2.10.7 and Statamic 2.11.0

With the help of php please I cleared cache, state, glide, static. I even did housekeeping. No actions showed a better CP.

I removed all addons and repeated the before mentioned steps but this didn't help either.

I read about the move to Scribe so perhaps there is a tweak or setting change in yaml files which I don't know of... So here is one of the affected fieldsets: (as you can see pretty basic stuff with some partial fieldtypes to reuse some called by several fieldsets and I don't define sections in the fieldsets)

title: Default
    type: text
    localizable: true
    type: partial
    fieldset: partials/metadata
    type: partial
    fieldset: partials/hero-image
    type: bard
    localizable: true
    spellcheck: true
      - bold
      - italic
    type: partial
    fieldset: partials/bard-sets
Answered by Peter Emil van den Berg!
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