Static cache on paginated pages

Hey there!

I just launched a site today and am still getting a complete grasp on all things Statamic. I have static page caching setup and followed the instructions provided in the docs.

I noticed my static directory of cached files only includes a single file for the template that has pagination on it. There aren't separate files for query string versions of the same URL. From the docs:

By default, static caching will include any query strings in the URL. For example, visiting /about and /about?something will result in two different pages.

For my site the URL is something like /writing and /writing?page=2.

I first noticed the experience when visiting my /writing URL but seeing the 2nd page of paginated results displayed. It appeared to cache the 2nd page of results.

Any chance I implemented the static caching incorrectly? Where should I start looking to debug this?

Thanks! Erik

Answered by Erik Reagan!
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