So I've got a Bard fieldtype with several sets defined. One of the uses a Collection fieldtype to pull in a, well Collection.

In my template I'm using the DRY approach specified in the docs, to keep my template clean and specify the different sets in their respective files:

{{ bard_field }}
  {{ partial src="sets/{type}" }}
{{ /bard_field }}

This works flawless for all of my sets; but I'm struggeling how to use the entry in my partial. This is what my fieldset for the bard looks like:

            display: My Bard Set
                  - members
                mode: panes
                type: collection
                display: members

The collection itself has the fields: title, function & bio but if I use them between {{ ... }} inside the {{ members }} it won't display them:

{{ members }}
        --- ??? ---
        {{ title }} // gives the page title
        {{ biografie }} // displays nothing. 
{{ /members }}

(Sorry if I mixed up the terminology, I'm learning to speak Statamic ;) )