Hey guys,

good to be here! :)

Playing around with Statamic locally a bit, and so far it seems awesome! Even though I haven’t been able completely wrap my head around everything.

I really like how I can set up everything through yaml files though.

But at the same time this is also where my main concerns/questions are coming from:

I want to build multiple review sites, each site will have similar characteristics, for example I want users (also guests / not logged in) to be able to star rate a review or the product the review is about.

Is that possible? Any pointers?

I also want to be able to create pages that list reviews/entries based on ratings and / or meta fields, for example:

display grid:
- column 1: all free products sorted by total average rating DESC
- column 2: all paid products sorted by total average rating DESC

Or do things like displaying “Trending Content” on pages that is queried by the most ratings received in the shortest time for example.

Right now I’m a bit clueless how this could be done without database, or if Statamic just isn’t the right choice for this type of site?