I can't get cache to clear. Any ideas?

I've put a file on the system here: https://SITE.com/site/themes/THEME/js/FILENAME.js

When I go to make a change, the change does not appear.

Looked in /local/framework/storage/cache but the cache is empty.

Logged on to the server and ran these:
php please clear:cache
php please clear:static

Restarted Apache:
sudo /etc/init.d/httpd restart

Rebooted the Server

Installed Cache Mager and PowerTools and used their functionality to clear cache.

I've update caching.yaml to include:
- /site/themes/THEME/js/FILE.js

Nothing works. The file won't update. And then, mysteriously, sometime later, it will update.

Answered by Scott Westerfield!
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