I'm working on a simple Checkout page where you can add items to your basket which is on its turn stored in the browsers LocalStorage.

The json-data being stored is deliberately kept very simple:

basket: {
 "SD-DSD": { 
   id: "SD-DSD",
   number: 3, 

The first part (SD) of the key is an unique abbreviation for the activity (entry). The second part is the unique ID for the price_item in this case DSD

This is (part of) the Activity.yaml.

  type: text
  width: 33
  display: Abbreviation
  instructions: 'Used as prefix for prize identifiers'
  type: grid
  display: 'Price items'
  mode: table
  min_rows: 1
  add_row: 'Add Item'
      type: text
      instructions: 'Automatically prefixed with the abbreviation of the activity: ABBR-xxx'
      width: 25
      display: id
      type: text
      width: 50
      display: Description
      type: text
      width: 25
      display: 'Price $'

On my checkout page I want to 'match' the ID's from the basket (SD-DSD) with the corresponding activity and subsequently the price items. The reason? I don't want to store the price of the item in LocalStorage, which is editable by the user offcourse :)

So my specific question: how would I retrieve an Activity-entry by means of filtering on an abbreviation.