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Could I use Raven to power user-submitted reviews?

Gavin Platt October 13, 2014 by Gavin Platt


I've used Statamic a lot and would like to use it again for an upcoming project, but before buying another license I wanted to check if Raven could handle this or if I'm trying to push it too much.

The website needs users to be able to collect and display reviews. Users need to be able to enter their name, a rating, and a comment. The review then needs to be submitted to site admin who can then publish or hide the review. I wondered if Raven could handle this, perhaps as follows?

  1. Display a review form on a product page. The product page is domain.com/productX
  2. When user submits review, use submission_save_path to save that as a .md file at www.domain.com/productX/reviews
  3. Use a form input to assign a 'hidden' status to that entry so it is initially hidden
  4. Admin can view the entry and change status to 'published'

The other requirement is that reviews are assigned to specific products, and admin can add products. So an admin can add a new product, e.g. ProductY at domain.com/productY. Could I set up Raven to calculate the correct submission_save_path based on the URL of the page the form is displayed on? Something like:

submission_save_path: {{ current_url }}/reviews

Alternatively, any recommendations for third party services to handle this, e.g. Revoo?

Thanks for any input

Answered by Jason Varga!
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