Hi This is my first time with Statamic - so apologises in advance for the basic questions (and long post ;( .

My goal is to have three pages with downloadable pdf's (price lists) that is unique for each page. These pages will also be protected with a unique passwords.

I have created a template (pricelist.html) and a fieldset with a text field and two assets field type and a assets container. Also created the three pages (let's call them A, B and C).

  1. If I edit page A and add a title and some text (no assets), the index.md looks fine. It starts and ends with the three dashes (---). But if I then add the assets, the dashes are removed!? Is this normal?

  2. On the template page i have this code for displaying the assets: {{ assets container="pricelists" }} <p><a href="{{ url }}"> {{ basename }} </a></p> {{ /assets }} This loops over all the assets in the container (folder) and I can understand why. To just show the assets belonging to a certain page (that is in a customer group), do I need to create one template for each page and a assets container to go with each page?

  3. Is it possible to target a specified assets file on the template page? Maybe using the fields slug?

Best, Magnus