I'm messing around with creating a setting UI for an Addon and can't see to get the settings.php file linking up fully.

I have created a setting.yaml file with a replicator in which has a single set which as 3 fields (text, list and text), none of the fields have display setting, as per the docs. But in the control panel only the first field gets it display name changed and instructions added. The other fields and set have the name from the settings.yaml file.

I'm guessing I've not set the settings.php up correctly, I currently have an array returned with 10 key value pairs. Should settings for other fields be in another sub array?

return [
    'first_addon_groups' => 'Responsive Image Groups',
    'first_addon_groups_instruct' => "Add different responsive image group setting here.",

    'image_group' => 'Image Group',
    'image_group_instruct' => 'Add a new group',

    'group_name' => 'Name',
    'group_name_instruct' => 'Add a reference name for your group eg. Hero image',

    'group_srcset' => 'SrcSet Widths',
    'group_srcset_instruct' => 'Add the individual image widths you require here in pixels eg. 600',

    'group_sizes' => 'Sizes Media Query',
    'group_sizes_instruct' => 'Add your groups Sizes attribute media query here eg. (min-width: 960px) 920px, 93vw'