What is the correct syntax of the Focus variable on background images?

Hi all. Really love the fact that my clients can use the crop_focal feature on their images. But when using it on background images the docs aren't clear how to use it correct. Even Ben Furfie had to write a remark but unfortunate for me I'm not getting it to work.

The image is coming through alright, but there is no value outputted on the focus_css spot.

Ideas anyone?

My markup:

<div style="background-image: url( {{ hero_image }} ); background-position: {{ focus_css }};"></div>

Resulting html: <div style="background-image: url(/assets/productions/lev/image-2018-05-18.jpg); background-position: ;"></div>

The asset involved has focal point set:

title: Main Assets
path: assets
url: /assets
        focus: 38-2
Answered by Peter Emil van den Berg!
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