I try to create a page that displays each entry of a collection as a card with only few vars (title, id, slug) and order these cards by taxonomies (3 categories btw). Just like in CP when you look in a collection, there is a table with the title and the slug of each entries of the collection.

How to do this in front end?

I have got a good result until I test on mobile, the page do not display. I think too much data are parsed (the entries are articles with a lots of text and data that I don't need in the previews)...

I do something like this:

{{ collection:products taxonomy:product-type="typeA" }} {{ title }} {{ /collection:products }}

{{ collection:products taxonomy:product-type="typeB" }} {{ title }} {{ /collection:products }}

{{ collection:products taxonomy:product-type="typeC" }} {{ title }} {{ /collection:products }}

What is the best way to achieve this? I guess my way is much too heavy, the site is slow on desktop and do not display on mobile...

Thanks of lot for any help