I have a large collection of entries (6000+), which I have imported into a database table so that they can be edited / accessed more quickly than adding that many entries directly to a collection which I have seen can impact performance / load times.

However, the one issue I am trying to overcome is how to add those items to the search index on save / update for each entry. I have been forcing them in via Search::update(), but that only seems to throw an error within the SearchController in /core/Http/Controllers when it tries to lookup the items, which are not directly accessible via content on Line 59 (ex. Content::find($id)->toArray();).

I was trying to find a workaround by using Algolia as the search index, but not entirely sure how to pass the necessary info from my custom addon into the Algolia index.

Has anyone else come across this issue when dealing with entries in a database table?