I might (or probably will) be overlooking some key aspect, so my excuses in advance.

Let me explain my situation: I've got a 'normal' page with a vue component in it, which in its turn gets placed and moved around by my end-user through a bard-set. Pretty neat!

This vue component interacts with an off-site API and handles al nice UI/UX interactions. One of the key-aspects is a datepicker which needs to change the url in the location bar to make it possible to share the url. But I don't want a page refresh for that to happen, as it only needs a refetch from the external API. To accomplish this, I use the magnificent history.pushState().

So in the end the URL looks something like: https://example.com/cool-page/2019-02-22 Refreshing the page off course results in a 404; as that slug is not specified in the page; its /cool-page


Is it possible to somehow route /cool-page/* to this single page? While obviously keeping the possibility to edit the /cool-page-page within Statamic?