I am trying to create a schedule page (for my local beach volleyball club) that almost looks like the schedule view in Google Calendar, with the addition of grouping events by month. I haven't figured out the group part yet, but here is what I have done so far.

I have created a dates taxonomy, and my entries looks like this:

title: Test Event
  - 2019-01-02
  - 2019-02-06
  - 2019-03-13

In my fieldset, I have tested using a custom suggest mode addon that allowed the user to add predefined event dates. That setup worked somewhat decently, but I wasn't happy with the user experience in the control panel. To fix that, I ditched my custom suggest mode addon. Instead I generated 365 taxonomy files, one for each day in 2019, and replaced the custom suggest mode with a taxonomy fieldtype with mode set to panes in my fieldset.

Here is what my template looks like:

<h1>Club Schedule</h1>
  {{ taxonomy:dates scope="term" }}
    {{ if now|format:Y-m-d < term:title }}
        {{ collection scope="event"  }}
          <h3><a href="{{ event:url }}">{{ event:title }}</a></h3>
        {{ /collection }}
    {{ /if }}
  {{ /taxonomy:dates }}

I'm still not overly happy about this solution, and I would love to get your thoughts on how to setup a page like this.