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Statamic for Higher Education?

Daniel Edwards March 3, 2019 by Daniel Edwards

I'm curious if Statamic would be a good fit for running a university website? I'm working on a team tasked with redesigning and revamping a website for a university, and we're considering options for the CMS.

I've used statamic before, and I love it! I just don't know if it'd be able to handle the load gracefully.

The site would have 4M (4,000,000)+ visitors each month. Each department needs its own page, with subpages. News section, regularly updated. Events page & calendar Student portal We use Canvas as our LMS, so a link to that would be sufficient (no need for course pages and such)

In other words, this is a fairly content-heavy site, with a heavy traffic load. Would statamic work well in this scenario?

Answered by Daniel A. Fowler!
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