I still have issues with the sorting of {{ collection:xy }} output in my template.

Collection has 80+ entries, it's name is "programm". This is the code to display it (in a template):

{{ collection:programm sort="weekday:asc|uhrzeit:asc" }}

This lists the title etc. of my entries, its sorted by the fields "weekday" and "uhrzeit", both ascending. So far so good.


When I change an entry, update the content, this entry will be put down to the end of my list, no matter what weekday it is in. Sorting gone.

This must be some kind of mis-configuration I think?

I thought about using an addon to do the sorting but I could follow the "filter" example from the documentaion just fine, but was not able to "translate" this for sorting instead of filtering.

Thank you for any ideas, Tilman