I have probably the strangest situation so far where when I add {{index}} once inside of a template that renders a Bard fields I get the value (e.g. 4) but when I add the index variable twice in that Bard type (e.g. {{index}}{{index}}) I get no error, but the entire Bard field simple does not render. Everything before and after does if I view the source.

Another odd behavior, if I add {{index index}} I only get a single value (e.g. 4) to print, when I'd expect to see 4 4.

Unrelated, but also frustrating, I seem to be having issues with nested if statements that seems unrelated (outside of a Bard field) but produces the same results. No error, but none of the sections of the Bard field rendering.

Appreciated any help or tips on how I can investigate via the compiled PHP.

Thanks Matt