The spam queue for my form would populate when I had fewer pieces of spam in the queue, but at 767 for a single form, it won't populate at all, so I'm unable to approve/disapprove spam. It shows the number of spam next to the form name on the side nav, but the queue itself only shows a blank page, except the form title and a row with a checkbox, no other text.

The error I'm seeing in the console is:

vue-truncate.js?61b5:19 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of null
at VueComponent.eval (eval at <anonymous> (scripts.js:formatted:742), <anonymous>:19:16)
at VueComponent.e._applyFilters (vue.common.js:8979)
at Wn.get (vue.common.js:3303)
at new Wn (vue.common.js:3273)
at Fr._bind (vue.common.js:8509)
at _r (vue.common.js:7058)
at vue.common.js:7027
at new si (vue.common.js:3872)
at pi.create (vue.common.js:4089)
at Fr.insert (vue.common.js:4757)