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Fieldset won't show on a website...

Stefan Omerovic April 1, 2019 by Stefan Omerovic

Hello, i'm creating a pretty much simple website with couple of features. I just started using Statamic and it has everything i need.. I also follow up with youtube tutorial for creating a full page so that looks good also..

So now.. I created a page in content/pages/faq inside of that faq i have

So that have following code..

    type: question
    heading: "Question?"
template: faq
hide_from_nav: true
title: FAQ
fieldset: faq
id: 3ed7a451-5acb-4800-8eb3-3c4f82cad70c

That fieldset i set inside of settings/fieldsets/faq.yaml..

That faq.yaml have following code..

    type: template
    type: replicator
    display: Replicator
        display: Question
            type: text

Inside of Statamic Control Panel i can see my page and my fieldset.. i can edit it and everything looks good..

But inside of my website i cannot see at all that content.. i can route to FAQ page, but i cannot see the content.. Here is how i use this in my HTML

{{ faq_field }}
     {{ if type == "question" }}
        <h2>{{ heading }}</h2>
     {{ /if }}
{{ /faq_field }}

This is the same approach that i used for my HOME page.. and it worked PERFECTLY.. but now it won't work at all on website..

My layout is default.html... The only thinking that i could have is that page is in faq folder..

When i moved all of that code inside of home, it worked great, but when i use it inside of faq/ ... it won't work..

Inside of debugger i cannot see any variable that is assign trough that fieldset..

Can anyone help me please??

Thank you in advance..

Answered by Jack McDade!
>>>>>>> Answered <<<<<<<
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