Demo of behavior:

Running version 2.11.10, which is latest as of 4/2/19.

Steps to recreate:

  • Add a new image to a page with alt text and focal point
  • Hit "Save and Continue"
  • Works correctly
  • Re-open page, change alt text and focal point, hit "Save and Continue", still works.

Gets weird...

  • Change alt text and focal point, hit "Save"
  • Reopen page. Alt text is empty. Focal point is not set.
  • YAML does change though.


  • Enter new alt text and focal point, hit "Save."
  • Re-open page. Alt text and focal point are correct in CP
  • However, data in YAML does not change.

From this point on, no matter what change is made in the CP, "Save" or "Save and Continue," the CP is updated, but the YAML data doesn't change.