Collections, Partials, Tags - More Info and Clear Way

Hello, i already asked for help days ago and i got clear answer.

Thank you for that..

I need help once more.. :D

I have collection on my website. I am looping trough that collection. I setup a slug route. Everything works perfectly fine.

If i wish to add that collection on some other page, but not to copy paste html/scss, but to just import it.. Is best way for that PARTIALS?? Do you have some clean example for that??

Also, one more..

I will have different collections, but with same content.. So i will show BEST, NEW, MOST READ books. So that would be 3 different collections..

Is there any way that i could add those in one collection, and on page show just BEST, or just NEW. Is TAGS best way to do it??

If TAGS are best way, how can i sort those colelctions?

So for example.. "The Art of War" book will be first in BEST collection, but in MOST READ collection it will be at 3d place??

I want clear way for doing this, so i don't repeat myself on front and also on CP side. I don't want to add same books in different collections as i already have created same one??

Thank you once more!

Answered by Jack McDade!
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