Ladies and gents, 1.9 is here.

There's a bunch of cool stuff. Like, a lot. I wrote about it over on the blog.

The thing most people would be interested in (not to discredit the rest of the stuff) is the Replicator field.
It's something that has been requested, a lot. Even here on the lodge. You should check it out. Jack built pretty much an entire site with just a single field. (I don't think it's live yet though)

The file field...
I know many of you have had issues with the Grid and Files and the way stuff gets saved. It's probably the main reason we rebuilt the File fieldtype from scratch. Hopefully the combination of the file fieldtype, path tags, |img modifier, the site root htaccess stuff, and probably even more stuff in there fixes all your issues.

You should also try out Dipper. Change _yaml_mode to quick to get... quicker YAML parsing. Fred was sitting with his stop watch and lightning fast trigger finger measuring how many microseconds he could shave off page loads for you. Kidding, but seriously, try it out.

Multi-sorting is something that didn't really get a big enough shout out in that post. Now you can do stuff like {{ entries:listing sort="title desc, description asc" }} or {{ my_array sort="name asc" }}..{{ /my_array }}.

We'll probably post some small blog posts about the newer features in the coming days.

There's a bunch more to check out in the changelog. Hope you all enjoy!