I am trying to output the author name on each blog post on my site but at the moment all I can output is the string id and not the names. How do I get the name to be returned instead?

I have a collection of authors and each author has a title and id in their yaml files which looks like

title: 'Billy Bob'
id: 318970e6-254f-4fd3-9462-0e033a6cb17a

Each blog post I create and add an author to has the id which is fine and it looks like:

  - 318970e6-254f-4fd3-9462-0e033a6cb17a

However when I try to use the relate tag all I am returned is 318970e6-254f-4fd3-9462-0e033a6cb17a unless I add the yaml directly to the html template

This is the code I am trying to use to return the author name

{{ relate:authors }}
   {{ title }}
{{ /relate:authors }}