First off, Statamic is awesome!

Onto my question:

Question: I have a fieldset called "Latest". Which is pretty much a blog. However, I want to categorize the "Latest" posts by either "work" or "news." (Probably just a select fieldtype with those two options, "work" and "news")

What I would like to achieve: "Latest" (the page) would list all the posts by default, but there would be a nav with these options "all (default), work, news". Which, you guessed it, would filter the posts by either work or news. Taking the user to page "latest/work" with all the posts OR "latest/news".

All I need help with is figuring out this filter and having the urls work correctly. If that makes sense.

I would assume this is related to taxonomy or tags? However, after doing some research, I cannot seem to wrap my head around this or find the answer I need.

Thanks in advance!