Exclude certain collections from 'default search index'?

  • Is it possible to exclude certain collections from the 'default search index'?

A bit more background: I struggle with the searchable title field:

  - title

Keep things short… I end up with 'false' results on the result page: Entries, which are only used for includes with a relate tag in other pages/collections are listed on the result page, when the title match.

Further, because they don't have a route, the URL in the result page links to /. That does not make sense at all?

I have also tried with own collection indexes, but then other questions pop up:

  • The search tag parameter collection only accepts one collection. Is it somehow possible to add multiple collections in one search:result tag?

  • I still have pages, which I want to be searchable. So the default index is still relevant. Or is it somehow possible to add/exclude different pages from the index?

  • I have tried with {{ if is_entry }} or {{ if is_page }}, but surprisingly a collection entry shows up in the result page either way? There is no difference. I thought, it would only show up with is_entry?

{{ search:results }}
      {{ if is_page }}
        <p>is_page: <a href="{{ url }}">{{ title }}</a></p>
      {{ else }}

      {{ /if }}
    {{ /search:results }}

Has anybody hints or suggestions which lead me into the right direction?

Thank you

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