Form validation: list of users (custom RSVP form)

Alright, so I'd like to build my own RSVP form. Pretty straightforward:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Will attend / will not attend (radio buttons)

I'd like to be able to validate the name fields based on predefined entries, if that makes sense...

So let's say I decide to invite two people: Ferdinand First and Simon Second. I don't know, I'm no good at making up fake names (-:

That means the following form combinations should allow the form to be sent:

- Ferdinand + First + will attend
- Ferdinand + First + will not attend
- Simon + Second + will attend
- Simon + Second + will not attend

And everything else should trigger an error:

- Ferdinand + Second + will attend
- Simon + First + will attend
- Terry + Third + will not attend
- Ferdinand + Fourth + will attend
... and so on...


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