Use custom field as taxonomy?

So, I'm not super advanced a lot of the more expert-level stuff with Statamic, but I was able to build off of someone else's add-on to make myself one that accepts a TMDB ID and then retrieves and saves a bunch of info about that movie.

This is a sample of what gets saved the YAML for the collection entry.

  id: '500682'
  title: 'The Highwaymen'
  backdrop: ''
  poster: ''
  release_date: '2019-03-15'
    - 'John Fusco'
      name: 'John Lee Hancock'
      photo: ''
  dp: 'John Schwartzman'
    - Crime
    - Drama
    - Thriller
  rating: R
  runtime: 133
  hours: 2
  minutes: 13
  tagline: 'The legends who took down Bonnie & Clyde'

Is there a way to use the Genres that get saved as a taxonomy? Or would I need to make a separate custom field to do this?

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