Custom form handler

I've got a standard set of Statamic forms being used throughout this project I'm working on.

I created a custom handler on 'Form.submission.creating' => 'submitEntry' to pass the data off to a third-party CRM.

public function submitEntry(Submission $submission)
        $form = $submission->formset();
        $form_name = $form->name();
        //guzzle then does its thing

What I've only just learned is that the CRM is defining the redirect URL in its response (previously I wasn't redirecting and just changing the message via AJAX).

Thanks to the helpful Discord folks (hat-tip to @erin as usual) I learned that I can't handle that in an event listener.

So, I started digging into a custom controller. Now I'm trying to submit the form to !/FormProcessor/submission rather than !/Form/create but I don't have access to $submission in the method in order to get the appropriate formset.

I need to save the form submission as well as pass to the CRM.

What am I missing?

Answered by Steven Grant!
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