Just did an update (CLI php update) and everything seems to have gone smoothly except for an error at the end during housekeeping.

Logs I'm seeing error info that the templates directory within redwood was not empty so the updater couldn't remove it. There are multiple lines, tho this seems to be a key one:

[2019-05-23 13:57:10] 
ErrorException: rmdir([path to my project]\public\local\temp\update-unzipped\statamic\site\themes\redwood\templates): 
Directory not empty in [path to my project]\public\statamic\vendor\league\flysystem\src\Adapter\Local.php:407 

My questions:

1) I wanna ensure Statamic can finish the cleanup process. From how I'm interpreting the error message I'm assuming that because the Redwood templates directory isn't empty the installer couldn't delete it which doesn't seem like a big deal... if so,

2) Does this mean we don't need the 'redwood/templates' directory to be present + I'm safe to delete it and its contents? 3) If that's the case, can we delete the entire Redwood theme directory? If I delete these directories can I run php please update:housekeeping to finish the housekeeping process? I built this project from an older v2 project, Redwood was already present because of that.

Thanks, Reuben

Below is the error output in the command line after it tried to finish cleanup:

[✓] Statamic has been successfully updated to 2.11.12!

Cleaning up...
[✗] Something went wrong while cleaning up.

  The command "[path]\[path]\php\php.exe please update:housekeeping --from=2.9.4" failed.
  Exit Code: 1(General error)
  Performing clean up steps for a 2.9.4 to 2.11.12 upgrade.


    rmdir([path to project ]\public\local\temp\update-unzipped\statamic\site\themes\redwood
    emplates): Directory not empty

  Error Output: