I'm currently running a Laravel-app that will get temperature readings from 3 different thermometer, each one sending data approximate every minute. This data is stored in a MySQL database. Every hour a clean-up script is started that will merge the readings for the last hour into a single entries per thermometer.

I'm thinking of converting the application into a Statamic application since I'd like to add additional CMS content.

But my question is how I should store this data when using statamic. Will it be a performance problem when the files grow? Outputting the data I only select the most recent entries (~300 entries / thermometer).

24 entries / day and 72 entries for all thermometer each day. After a year that's ~26.000 entries.

Or should I enable MySQL for the Statamic application to handle the data stored?

The hardware running the application is a Raspberry Pi 3+.

Any tips or thoughts?