Combine collection and page fields into one loop

Alright, this is my latest predicament:

I have a collection in which each entry has a featured image.

I want to show those featured images on a page, and I'd also like to fill that page with more images.

The featured images pulled from the collection entries should link to their respective pages, the page images shouldn't do anything.

Lastly, I'd like to show all these images in order by date, newest first.

Currently I've separated the collection and the page images, but that means that newer page image are always placed below older collection images.

My current code (simplified):

  {{ collection:my_collection }}
      <a href="{{ url }}"><img src="{{ featured_img }}></a>
  {{ /collection:my_collection }}

  {{ page_gallery }}
    <li><img src="{{ value }}"></li>
  {{ /page_gallery }}

My question: is there a way (and if yes, how?) to combine that collection and assets as defined on the page into one big happy loop.


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