Hi all: I'm trying to install Statamic on my Win10 machine and am getting the following error:

Uh oh. We couldn't find your statamic folder. Check that it's set correctly in C:\MAMP\htdocs\index.php

I've checked the folder permissions and all seems well. I've hunted around online for an answer, but haven't found anything. I ran the installer to make sure all was well and I get past the first screen, but then am presented with the above error message. I've hunted around in the Lodge for an answer, but couldn't find anything relevant, so here I am.

For some reason, my system isn't seeing the statamic folder in my webroot and I'm not sure why.

(Be gentle in your responses. I'm an amateur webmaster who's spent the last 15+ years dealing with WordPress sites, so keep that in mind when replying. LOL)