Is there a way to generate and reference a unique ID for replicator and Bard sets? The aim is to use the ID as a unique css class name where a specific width is set by the user. An example of how I would like to use it in a template file is below.

{{ if type == "bard_set" }}

    {{ if type == "width_value" }}
        <!-- CSS STYLE -->
            .unique-ID {
                width: {{width_value}}vw;
    {{ /if }}

    <!-- HTML CONTENT -->
    <div class="unique-ID">
        Lorem ipsum dolor summit

{{ /if }}

There will be multiple of these sets per page and I need to pass separate values depending on media queries so I can't just pass the values inline, they need to appear in a style tag, so without a unique id it gets applied to all of the sets on the page