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Flat File vs. Database Pro/Con to share with Clients

Seth Giammanco October 16, 2014 by Seth Giammanco

Wondering if there is a good resource that exists that is written for Clients to help educate and/or develop understanding of what a flat file CMS is and is not in regards to more commonly understood database driven ones. In particular when it comes to longevity (I know a vague thought).

If one does not exist, I would welcome the opportunity to put one together and would love some insight from Statamic team and other vendors/independents.

How do you explain why flat file is okay or good? Do you explain it all? What are your pro/cons?

I'm sure many of you, like us can deliver both flat (Statamic of course) and database driven solutions. We are huge fans of Statamic and using it on a few projects now with clients. v1.9 adds notable content modeling options that make it a strong case for us for some of our more involved sites. Not looking to put flat file down as such nor elevate database on a pedestal. Just like sharing information with our clients so they understand what they are getting.

Welcome any and all feedback.

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