Collection Search mb_ereg_replace error

Hello. I've done quite a bit of searching here and on the 'net at large with no answer, so I'm hopeful someone here can help.

Statamic 2.11.13 PHP 7.2.19-0ubuntu0.18.04.1 (cli) (built: Jun 4 2019 14:48:12) ( NTS )

Environment is LAMP marketplace image on Digital Ocean.

Although I only discovered Statamic last night around dinner time, I've already got most of the heavy backend lifting done on my site. Well done on this endeavor, it's really well done.

That said, after importing data into a collection, I attempted a search at the Collection CP page. After each letter is typed, an error appears in the browser (debug is on) and the log files show:

[2019-07-03 21:39:48] production.ERROR: Symfony\Component\Debug\Exception\FatalThrowableError: Call to undefined function Statamic\Search\Comb\mb_ereg_replace() in /var/www/html/statamic/core/Search/Comb/Comb.php:380

Can someone give me some clue here?

Thanks, Clayton

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