Customising Columns


I have a collection which is displaying FAQs. Users can tag the question with a tag to say what type of question it is. It's all working fine, but I want to be able to show users the tag that they have on the questions.

I've checked the documentation on editing columns. I can see that I can set a column to display my taxonomy called Tags.

This is working as expected. But I would like to output the tag names in the column as the title rather than the slug. E.g. 'General Questions' not 'general-questions'.

This is currently what I have in my folder.yaml for the collection:

title: FAQs
fieldset: faqs
order: numeric
  - title
  - tags

I've seen the bit about nested arrays and was wondering whether or not there is a setting for styling the text or outputting the title instead of the slug of the taxonomy.

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