Some images not loading in Control Panel (CP)

I’ve searched and read and I can’t for the life of me figure this out.

We usually host websites with our preferred hosting provider but a new client insisted on using their own party of choice. Specs looked good so that’s no problem.


Images in the CP don’t show up — instead, the blue box with question mark indicating a missing file shows.

On the front end however, images appear normally. Also when I edit images in the CP they appear.

So it has to do something with thumbnails not showing up.

My logs show:

production.ERROR: Intervention\Image\Exception\NotSupportedException: Reading Exif data is not supported by this PHP installation.

However, EXIF should be enabled.

PHP memory is increased to 512MB via .htaccess.

Rights to assets are set to 775 recursively.

Still nothing. Besides certain (not all) thumbnails not displaying, the asset browser also freezes the CP.

Anyone know how I should solve this puzzle?

Thanks (-:

— Kaz

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