Issue with redactor not saving changes

Sometimes (but I haven’t figured out when exactly) when I make changes to some text on my site using a redactor inside a replicator, the changes are not saved.

It’s a front-end rather than a permissions issue.

I know this because (when this happens) the changes are not preserved when I switch between the WYSIWYG and code redactor views.

For example:

  1. I make a word bold
  2. I type some text
  3. I switch to code view, expecting to the <strong> tag around the specific word, and the newly added text. Instead the added text is missing and there’s no <strong> tag.
  4. I switch back to the WYSIWYG view and there’s no bold or added text.

So it's as if my changes never happened. There’s nothing in the logs and I haven’t been able to isolate when this happens more precisely.

It happens both in my local development site and in production.

Any ideas?

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