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Search and Collections

Kelly July 15, 2019 by Kelly

I'm unclear about how to better configure search with Statamic.

1) I have multiple collections in my site. 2) In my search results, there are many, many results that are not true site URLs, but they show up in search results and when clicked direct to the index or home page. 3) I'm trying to remove all the results that default to the index. These are collection items like a testimonial without a route set, or a pricing amount used for logic in the site but not intended as a site url page or search result.

I'd like some assistance with

1) Making a collection NOT searchable or indexable in Search.

I've tried adding searchable: with no fields below it to each collection folder.yaml and clearing the cache, and then searching but those collection items are still indexed. This attempt did not appear to work.

Answered by Erin Dalzell!
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