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Carsten July 18, 2019 by Carsten


I am converting a page from Joomla to Statamic. There is one thing I don't find docs on:

On the old page there is a button. You click on it and the site will send you an EMail. Inside this email is one line that is taken from a textfile. That line is then removed from the file and the mail is send.


  • Button clicked
  • Take first line from file
  • Put that line in an EMail
  • Send the EMail to the logged in user
  • Remove that line

In Joomla we coded this in a couple of lines of PHP.

What is the right way in Statatmic? I guess I could build a addon (https://docs.statamic.com/addons/getting-started), but that is total overkill, I think.

It would be super nice if somebody would point to the corrects documentation or an example :-)


Answered by Jack McDade!
>>>>>>> Answered <<<<<<<
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