Good afternoon!

I've a Statamic site where some content is loaded from an external API via custom Addon (e.g. products from a Products API). I got two templates, one for collection view, and one for single view.

Single view uses the AddonTag to display the data loaded from the API. This data also includes the page title ('Product XYZ').

I used to have a template like this:

title: "{{ yield:product_title }}"
{{ product_addon:single :slug="product-slug" }}
    {{ section:product_title }}
    {{ /section:product_title }}
    // ... some more API stuff, displaying data, e.g.
{{ /product_addon:single :slug="study-slug" }}

Worked out fine so far.

Recently I bought the SEO Pro Addon - problem is: SEO Pro doesn't run the template parser with yield context, just var context -> title is empty.

Is there any way to set an actual var via Template or Addon?

Thank you very much :-)