i have a collection named "products" with a category and tags. On the page "Sports", i choose multiple tags from a field called "product_tagged" and want to show every entry, that has all of these tags.

In the docs is written, that i should use :all instead of the default :any. So my code looks like this:

{{ collection:products :taxonomy:all="product_tagged" }}
<span>{{ title }}</span>
{{ /collection:products }}

The product_tagged in sports.md looks like this:

  - tags/summer
  - tags/sport

But i always get the error

FatalThrowableError in CollectionTags.php line 284: Call to a member function diff() on array

Even if i declare the taxonomy directly and don't use variables, the error occurs:

{{ collection:products taxonomy:tags:all="summer|sport" }}
<span>{{ title }}</span>
{{ /collection:products }}

Can you help me out?

Thanks in advance!